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Bachelor parties, birthdays or negotiations between parties who have confidence can find a way to celebrate it through a sex party.

Threesome of two men and a woman If the trio of a man and two women is highly valued, the one of two men and a woman also runs through the feverish minds of society. The pleasure is multiplied by having sex with an escorts service in Safdarjung Enclave who is also practicing it with another. Mirror neurons have a lot to do with this here. Those that make us yawn when another yawns, smile when another smiles, or reach orgasm when another does.

Sex On The Beach

In this section we include the places where people dream of having sex. From the beach or in the sea, to the car, an open field, the shower or bathtub, the dressing room of the Corte Inglés, a disco, a luxury suite, a yacht, the cinema, etc.

Once all the places in the home have been fulfilled, people begin to dream of having sex in totally different places than the ones they already know. Many times it includes their workplaces, public places or absolutely prohibited places, such as those of religious worship.

Massages with a happy ending

Going on a date with a masseuse and that she, after giving the pleasures of her art, also wants to demonstrate her skills in oral sex, also scores as a torrid fantasy. Since it is not usual that it is fulfilled, we can meet with the masseuse Call girl in Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi and ask about all the types of erotic massages that there are.


For the most daring and carefree, the most imaginative pleasure includes transgressing the basic norms of sex. Those in which a woman only behaves like a woman and a man like a man; the escorts have told us about the strength of this fantasy. In it, the escort can cross dress and be a real gentleman and her client can take the role of the prostitute.

Escorts are those specialized in Manga characters. Its western variant is the sex workers who dress up as superheroines from movies or comics.


These acronyms respond to Mother I'd Like to Fuck. If we do a search on the Internet, we will see the enormous attention that these women attract in younger men.

In the cinema we have seen such a romance more than once. One of the most famous, The Graduate, starring a young and handsome Dustin Hoffman who was involved in a torrid relationship with Anne Bancroft, an attractive woman older than him.

Passion and protection

We talk to the mature escorts so they can tell us more about these romances. What is a man looking for in the arms of a mature escort?

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