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Break the rules: enjoy an escort with your partner

Your partner also wants to have fun and experience a night of passion in the company of a spectacular escort. We are going to give you a few tips on caring for couples.

The prudes are the worst

If you have the grace or misfortune to be together with a prude, you should know that the story could be solved in the most unexpected way. We have not heard few anecdotes about the emergence of a sexual repression. Religion and village societies put a lot of pressure on a woman's sexuality. Do not ask your partner directly if they want an escort to attend to their needs. But drop a hint. A daring photo, a movie or the song 'Woman against woman' by Mecano, could be your allies.

Years and years together, the passion has been buried

Another case; in which attention to couples is the most advisable turn, is when after many years, passion has decreased and new experiences are needed. In this situation, it is normal to openly ask our partner what he thinks of hooking up with another woman in our presence. Your face will probably light up and you will at least be interested in seeing how the night unfolds. Some couples find their passion relaunched after something like this.

Morbid to the core

Those who like sex and are morbid by nature will surely not wait long to have a threesome with a Call girl in Mahipalpur, New Delhi. It may be that long before the man proposes it, the woman already has it marked on her sexual agenda. These are the couples who enjoy in the arms of an escort from time to time and any sexual practice is fine with them. With them, the escort uses all her secrets. Sado maso games, costumes, sex toys, lubricants, super sexy lingerie. Everything is little for the morbid clients.

Covert Lesbianism or Bisexuality

Sometimes a woman discovers, after getting married, that her sexuality is not as straight as previously thought; or maybe he did, but still, he got married. Escorts who offer care to couples have seen many of these cases. In this situation, although the proposal was up to the man, it is the woman who fully enjoys it. If you suspect that your partner might feel more pleasure with a woman than with a man, you should make the proposal as soon as possible.

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