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Tips for enjoying role play with an escort

The word role comes from the English "role" which means role. Our escort girls are specialized in different games or roles therefore they can get into another skin and live an original and surprising experience.

The date with an escorts service in Aerocity can be much more than sex. Imagination gives of itself when it comes to having fun with a stranger and going beyond what we already know. Many company girls are specialized in different games or roles and can offer the client a more complete evening than if we only dedicate ourselves to those minutes that our girls talks about.

With the aim of opening minds and lighting light bulbs, we are going to propose a series of roles with escorts for the first timers and for the more daring. A romantic date type girlfriend experience or one in which the submissive role is adopted? You choose the voltage of your moment with the Call girl in Aerocity, New Delhi.

Role or paper

The word role comes from the English "role" which means role. In a play, the actors take on a role. By the same rule, in a date with an escorts service in Aerocity girl, both she and her client can get under another skin and live an original and surprising sexual experience. If what you are looking for is something new in bed read on a little more.

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If you are fascinated by Manga drawings, anime or Marvel characters, you do not have to leave everything in a sexual fantasy, they can be your roommates. Call girl in Aerocity, New Delhi are specialized in these characters and they will be happy to make you enjoy sex in a totally different way.

Those in love with Call girl in Aerocity in their childhood, those who have now discovered Wonder Woman or those who fantasized about the enigmatic protagonist of Ghost in the shell, can now start preparing their night. Escorts can fulfill your dreams with the complete costume of that character that makes you so hot and the hottest and most imaginative role play you have ever experienced. Choose your character and ask the escort to become the one you like, from there, just let your imagination fly.


She as a man and he as a woman; the fantasy of transvesting is quite common among men. Sometimes they want to experience the sex life of a repressed wife dedicated to having erotic dreams unfulfilled between chores. Others want to be a whore in the hands of their client or any other stereotypical female character.

The vibrators and other erotic toys are part of this role play in which the escort perfectly plays the role of the man. Tie suit, flat shoe, hair gel, and a good harness between his legs are the staples of this high-voltage fetish.

The role of dominatrix is framed in the experience of sadomasochism and bondage, commonly abbreviated with the acronym SMBD. If you have previously played roles with an escort and are looking for something stronger, you can consider mild sado or hard sado with an expert in this fantasy.

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